Domestos: A germ-free toilet for all

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Poor sanitation isn’t just the biggest cause of disease, it also keeps many children out of school, especially girls who have hit puberty. That’s why Domestos is building new facilities and working to educate pupils and parents about household hygiene and germ protection.

Keeping children in school

A lack of clean toilets can be directly linked to pupils taking time off of school - and that seriously impacts on the education which they receive, as they struggle to keep up in lessons, and get lower grades. So what happens when there are more than 24,000 public schools in South Africa, but fewer than 8,000 that have functioning, flushing toilets?

Sustainable sanitation

If you’re going to really make a difference, you need to provide the facilities, of course. But you also have to help people to understand why sanitation matters. Here’s how:

  • Getting the message across: One of the first places to bring about change is through education itself. We give teachers, pupils and parents the information that they need to understand the importance of hygiene - at home and at school.

  • Spreading the word: We also support awareness campaigns in the wider community to help everyone make the connection between school attendance and access to clean toilets. For example, in South Africa, we recently launched a campaign encouraging people to donate a toilet roll to their local school. Something as simple as this can make a world of difference in someone else’s life.

  • Building new toilets: Most importantly, we're building. We're currently providing new toilet facilities for school children in Vietnam and South Africa. And we're aiming high. For example, our programme in Vietnam will provide toilets for 400,000 children in 400 schools by 2016.

That means teaming up with national governments, local organisations, schools and parents to save children's lives, keep them clean, and keep them in school.

How you can help

Donate to the Domestos Sanitation Appeal for UNICEF and improve sanitation for millions of families

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How we're doing

Over a million people have been reached through our sanitation programmes. Meet some of them: Real Stories