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What is Gastric flu?

Gastric flu (or Gastroenteritis) is caused by a virus called Norovirus, also known as a tummy bug. It's highly contagious and is contracted by 5 million people in South Africa each year.

It spreads by:

  • Air-borne particles: If an infected person vomits, the virus can be catapulted into the air and breathed in by people nearby.

  • Contaminated surfaces: These can be contaminated by droplets of vomit, by water from a flushed toilet, especially if someone has diarrhoea, or by hand. The virus spreads when other people then touch surfaces that have been in contact with an infected person.

The symptoms are:

  • Severe, but short-lived, vomiting and diarrhoea.

Ways to help avoid gastric flu

Keeping your toilet hygienically clean with Domestos Multipurpose Thick Bleach becomes very important when someone in the house has diarrhoea. In these instances, the toilet should be cleaned every time they use it.

Use a bleach based-cleaner, like Domestos Original, to disinfect surfaces, especially if someone's been vomiting or had diarrhoea nearby.

Hand hygiene is crucial to prevent the spread of Norovirus. Wash your hands thoroughly using liquid soap and warm water before and after preparing food, before eating, after going to the toilet and after touching potentially contaminated surface or textiles like used cleaning cloths, door handles and light switches.

If you think that your hands are contaminated, you should avoid putting them near your mouth, nose or eyes.

Make sure that an ill person has a separate towel and face cloth.

Clean and disinfect surfaces that are used for food preparation or touched frequently using Domestos Multipurpose Thick Bleach.

How to hygienically clean your toilet bowl

Squirt bleach around the rim and let it dribble into the bowl. Scrub with a toilet brush and leave to settle. Give it another scrub, focusing on areas like beneath the rim and the u-bend. Flush.

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