Bin cleaning

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The moist, nutrient-rich conditions of your bin create the perfect environment for germs, which start building up the minute that food is thrown away.

Domestos can help to keep a lid on the germs in your bin. Follow these simple steps:

  • Keep the lid of the bin closed: this prevents flies from breeding in your bin, and keeps bad smells to a minimum.

  • Wrap up food waste: tie bin-bags tightly to stop germs from spreading.

  • Keep hands clean: give them a thorough wash every time you touch the bin.

  • Regularly clean your wheelie bin: kill germs and reduce odours by cleaning your wheelie bin after each collection with Domestos Multipurpose Thick Bleach. It’s perfect for targeting the hard-to-reach areas inside. Don't forget to give the lid and handle a quick spray and wipe down, too!

Germs That Love Bins:



Clostridium difficile

How to stop your bin from smelling

Not only is your rubbish bin going to harbour a lot of germs, it’ll start to smell after a while. So clean it out every couple of weeks, disinfect it and apply a deodoriser to get rid of any nasty smells.

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