Brilliant ways to use bleach in your garden

Watery bug image

You may be using your bottle of thick bleach to clean and disinfect your household, but have you ever thought of using it outside your home?


A bottle of bleach can go a long way. So, there’s really no need for you to spend a fortune on expensive products to take care of your garden if you use these awesome cleaning hacks. You’ll soon see for yourself why your bottle of Domestos Pine Fresh is a winner:


Kill weeds

Don’t let weeds ruin your garden. Get rid of them. It’s easy! Simply pour undiluted drops of Domestos Thick Bleach directly onto the weeds. The bleach will also prevent them from growing back. Just be careful not to let the bleach get onto your other plants!


Clean flower pots

No need to buy new flower pots whenever they look dirty and worn. Your precious flower pots can be reused as many times as you like – as long as you clean them thoroughly. Mix together one part Domestos Lemon Fresh with four parts water and clean your flower pots with this solution. Not only will it remove all the dirt and keep the pots smelling fresh, but it also gets rid of any unwanted plant diseases which may be lingering from previous plants.


And garden tools…

It’s always nice to work with clean tools. And working with clean equipment reduces the risk of spreading plant diseases. Wash your garden tools with a ½ cup bleach to 1 litre water solution. Let them air-dry in the sun and finally rub oil on moving parts to prevent rust.


Even your garden furniture!

If your garden furniture is developing mildew or dirty spots, then a little bit of bleach will go a long way get rid of fungus and kill germs to boot. Add two teaspoons of Domestos Summer Fresh to a 500 ml spray bottle of water. Spray those mildew and soiled areas and wipe down. Dirt and germs…gone!


Now, get those green fingers back into the garden. Snip, snip!