Stop making these bathroom cleaning mistakes

Watery bug image

We all have a set routine when we find the perfect day to do some spring cleaning. But what if we told you that certain habits in your bathroom cleaning regime may not really be effective?


Because germs and bacteria are microscopic, it’s pretty difficult to see which areas in our bathroom have been cleaned properly. And remember, just because they look spotless does not mean they’re entirely germ-free.


See if you’re making any of these toilet cleaning mistakes:


Rinsing surfaces with cold to room temperature water

Do not rinse your showers, baths, toilet bowls and basins with cold water. Try to rinse with hot water whenever possible.  According to Reader’s Digest, heating your tub, sink, and tiles just 10 degrees above normal air temperature can double the effectiveness of alkaline cleansers. So, before using your Domestos Thick Bleach to kill germs, fill your sinks and tubs with piping hot water and allow the heat to settle for 5-10 minutes.


Only cleaning areas that appear to be dirty

If there isn’t any dust, grime or mould, surely you can skip cleaning day, right? Wrong! Harmful germs can’t be seen with a naked eye and for this reason, you should continue to clean and scrub your toilet regularly. Make sure you don’t only clean the inside of your toilet bowl but the exterior too – especially the base of your toilet. Don’t forget to disinfect the handle too with a little bit of thick bleach and water.


Not using the right cleaning products

When choosing a detergent, you don’t only want one that only cleans. Rather choose a product that disinfects as well. Also, many household detergents cannot be used on tiles but may be used on stainless steel. So, always make sure you read the labels carefully before you use them around the house. Your best bet would be to buy a multipurpose product as it can be used in almost every room which ultimately saves you money too. Luckily for you, Domestos Lemon Fresh can be used in the kitchen, bathroom as well as on stainless steel, ceramic, porcelain and painted wood surfaces.


Placing a wet toilet brush in its holder

Refrain from putting a wet toilet brush in its holder as doing so can cause even more bacteria to grow. Instead, after using Domestos Lavender Blast in your toilet bowl and scrubbing with your toilet brush, allow the brush to drip dry across the toilet seat. Only when it’s completely dry should you put it back into its holder.


Need some help with the cleaning? Get the kids to help and make household chores fun for them. After all, having extra hands is always a pleasure and you’ll be teaching them great habits from a young age. Way to go!