Teach kids to clean up their act

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It’s back to school and back to reality. If your little one has started “big school” for the first time this year, you may find yourself worrying about whether they’ll remember all those hygiene tips you taught them at home.

Will they wash their hands after using the bathroom? And more importantly, will they wash their hands properly by lathering well with soap instead of simply wetting fingertips under the tap?

Here’s some cleaning advice that will help them to control germs and stay healthy throughout the year:

Wash hands regularly

Remember to teach your kids – by reminding them repeatedly - to wash their hands whenever they use the bathroom, before eating and whenever they touch dirty objects. Not only does this kill germs but it also prevents them from contracting any illnesses.

Cut their fingernails

According to Biotherm.com, the average human touches their face about 2000 to 3000 times a day. Bacteria breed under fingernails and can be transferred from fingertips to the face. Keeping fingernails short and clean is important to avoid germs from transferring to little noses and mouths. Turn it into a fun game to cut their fingernails at least every one or two weeks.

Have a routine and stick to it

The best way to teach kids all about hygiene is to turn it into a routine. For instance, let them have a bath and brush their teeth at the same time – at approximately the same time every day. Soon you won’t even have to remind them.


If they’re having a shallow bath together, add some bubble bath and let them fake a beard, moustache or grey hair with the foam. You could also try teaching them a song. For instance, recite the ABC or sing their favourite nursery rhyme while washing their hands to ensure they wash their hands for a while before rinsing.

Be the example

If they don’t see mum and dad washing their hands, they probably won’t do so either. Don’t only tell them to clean their room and practice good hygiene habits. By setting an example and showing them they will develop respect for your habits and also will be much more likely to remember. Cleaning the rooms that they use together is, after all, a great way to bond and connect.