5 tips to teach your kids to keep the toilet clean

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Every parent knows how difficult it is to teach kids proper hygiene. If mum or dad doesn’t remind them, will they do it on their own?

Only if you act as an example and teach them good hygiene habits from a young age, teaching them to keep their environment clean can be a constant battle. But it is one you can win.

You may not always be able to keep a watchful eye on them when they’re at school or at a friend’s house. So, it is important that good hygiene practices become a force of habit as they grow older.

Because World Toilet Day is celebrated annually on 19 November, we saw it fit to give you these home cleaning tips:

  1. Be the example

There’s no better feeling than spending quality time with your children. A perfect way to do that is by doing chores together. For instance, if they’re cleaning the basin, you can clean the shower or bath tub. Show them you’re willing to take the lead and not only dictate. They may even be encouraged to clean without being told!

  1. Clearly label the detergents

You may be able to differentiate thick bleach from a window cleaner but your children may not. When teaching them to clean the toilet, pour the detergents in the toilet bowls yourself and demonstrate the way in which you clean the bowl before leaving the scrubbing to them.

  1. Give them rubber gloves

As much as we want them to clean the bathroom, we also want to teach them to be cautious of germs. If you’ve given them the job of scrubbing the toilet, ensure they’re wearing rubber gloves when they do so.

  1. Give them specific tasks they can handle

Children can get distracted easily.  Sometimes, the only thing on their minds is playtime.  It’s advisable to give them one task to do at a time.  If they’re cleaning the bathtub, make sure they clean it thoroughly before you set another task. Play their favourite music or create an original song together. This will make cleaning time together seem much less demanding and lots more fun.

  1. Teach them to keep it closed

Teach them to flush the toilet with the lid down. The water that swirls down your waste mixes as soon as you flush. This ‘mixed’ water can push your waste into the air and may land on their skin or other parts of the bathroom.

As much as a clean bathroom is important, it’s just as crucial to know which items should never be stored in the bathroom. This will also avoid bathroom clutter. Remember that your kids are always watching you so if you give them cleaning advice, make sure you are living up to it as well.