The scary truth about dirt under your fingernails

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It's quite difficult to consider germs all the time – partly because we can’t see any dirt or grime. As much as we know germs are constantly around us, how well do we try to keep them at bay?

For instance, have you thought about the number of germs that accumulate under your fingernails? We use our hands for everything, including eating, preparing meals and even just working. Have you ever wondered how often our hands touch our face every day? It’s quite a frightening thought, and so ensuring our hands are properly clean is crucial.

Here’s what you need to know about the germs under your fingernails:

  • Germs live under your fingernails. We use our hands regularly throughout the day. This means that germs can easily get trapped underneath your nails. Bacteria such as MRSA (Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus) which is found on computer keyboards can manifest under the fingernails and cause infections and rashes on the body.

  • If you’re biting your nails, stop now. Now that you know bacteria grows under your fingernails, can you still imagine putting your hands in your mouth? When bacteria is transferred from your hands to your mouth it can cause a gum or throat infection.

  • Whether your nails are long or short, bacteria will find a way. If you keep your nails short, you aren’t escaping the world of germs. Although, if you grow your nails long, you are more vulnerable to unwanted guests living under your fingernails. According to a study conducted by the Infectious Disease Society of America in San Francisco, 18% of the healthcare workers they interviewed with short nails had bacteria underneath their nails. While, 100% of them who had long nails, had bacteria and yeast growing under their fingernails.

It’s not always easy to ensure we have the ultimate germ protection. Washing your hands correctly is an important function encouraged by health care professionals, including doctors, but sometimes, only using soap is simply not enough.

So, how do you ensure you and your family cleans more than just their hands?

Keep a nail brush in the shower, the bath and at the basin in your bathroom to remind the rest of your family to wash their fingernails as regular as they wash their hands. Also keep hand sanitizer with you at all times and use it regularly – especially before and after eating, using the toilet, touching surfaces and blowing your nose.

Making sure you have a healthy family involves clever hygiene practices. By cleaning your home using Domestos Thick Bleach and ensuring your little ones wash their hands and fingernails correctly, you lessen your and their chances of getting ill.