A superparent's guide to conquering urine from the toilet seat

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Having a large family at home means that at some point (if not regularly) you’ve experienced the unpleasant presence of urine on the toilet seat.

The truth is, no matter how many times we may tell our family members, especially the youngsters, to not only wipe but to also disinfect after themselves, they rarely seem to get it right. This leaves you with a strong smell coming from your bathroom and possibly a few urine stains throughout the bathroom.

Sometimes, talking about this is just not enough. Actions speak louder than words so it’s always best to show them how important cleaning the toilet seat really is.

Here are a few steps to help you on your way:

  • Get your little ones to clean the bathroom with you

    Save your stern voice for later mums and dads. The best way to let them know about personal and household hygiene is to show them what good habits look like. Get your little ones involved in your regular toilet-cleansing regime and you might even find the bathroom a cleaner place.

  • Take aim (for the boys)

    If you don't mind a small floating ball in your toilet bowl, use a ping-pong ball as a tool to assist in bettering the aim of boys in your household. If the target is going to be reused, make sure to sterilise them with bleach after use.

  • Use a germ eradicating detergent

    Having a toilet that smell’s nice is simply not enough as this does not guarantee germ protection. You need to get rid of the root of the problem: germs. Our little ones aren't exactly meticulous when they're pressed. Protect them from illnesses caused by germs and clean your bathroom with Domestos Thick Bleach.

  • Have patience

    Throwing a tantrum about how you've either stepped or sat in stray urine will not help. Perhaps consider toilet education as a family. Also by getting them to clean up after themselves, they may just start aiming for the win a little better!

Apart from making poor toilet habits a thing of the past, ensure you have a reliable bleach cleaning product [link to: /product]. This assures you that your bathroom will not only look clean on the surface but you’ll also get rid of the bacteria you can’t see.