6 Kitchen Hacks that will Save you Time and Money

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Paying special attention to kitchen hygiene is crucial because it is the place where food is prepared and often consumed. So, if you want to avoid spending hours scrubbing your oven or wiping stubborn stains, here are a few tips you should use:

  1. Place an oven liner at the bottom of your oven. It’s inevitable to get a spill from our roasted meats or baking treats. When these spills get dry, they become hard which makes it all the more difficult to clean. Whenever you use your oven liner in your oven, any spills from your food would go onto the oven liner instead of settling at the bottom of your oven. So, you can just remove the oven liner and clean it after every use.

  1. Use oil to remove oil stains. Often, oil splatters and builds up when frying food which means more scrubbing time for us. Add a drop or two of sunflower or regular cooking oil onto a cloth soaked in Domestos Thick Bleach or a paper towel and wipe away. Not only will it remove the oil stains but it will also leave a shiny surface.

  1. Add cling wrap to your shelves. Cover your fridge shelves with cling wrap before arranging your sauces and other foods on the shelves. If there is any spillage, it will go directly onto the cling wrap and you can remove it whenever you clean the fridge.

  1. Clean your toaster with a hairdryer. There are always leftover crumbs in a toaster and a super-fast way to get rid of these crumbs is by taking a hairdryer and blowing the crumbs into your sink or outside. This should take you five minutes or less.

  1. Clean your grinders and coffee machine thoroughly – with bread. Simply cut up a slice of bread, add it to your grinder and blend away. This will remove any stubborn particles that struggle to get removed with just a soak.

  1. Say goodbye to germ infested cutting boards. Wooden cutting boards are especially susceptible to germs and simply using dishwashing liquid and hot water will not clean through the grooves thoroughly. Use half a lemon with a teaspoon of coarse salt and rub it between the grooves to get rid of grime.

Cleaning your kitchen does not mean that you have to spend hours doing so or that you require expensive detergents for a spotless kitchen. Getting creative with your cleaning regime will not only cut your time down but helps you to enjoy the cleaning process.