How to get kids to clean their room and enjoy it

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Every parent knows exactly what a struggle it is to get kids to clean their room. Whether you've decided to entice them with a reward or compromised with a smaller portion of veggies at dinner... No matter your method, getting them to clean their room willingly without a scene can be more difficult than potty training.

Home cleaning, especially during winter, is pivotal if you want to keep germs at bay. Therefore, a good starting point would be in your children’s happy place - their bedroom.

Here are a few tips you can use to get your child, irrespective of their age, to enjoy cleaning their room:

  1. Play music. Loud music coming from their bedroom may be restricted but this should be permitted on cleaning days. Music is therapeutic and can make the duration of the task seem faster. Allow them to listen to their favourite music and turn it up as loud as they want. Soon they'll be singing (or rapping) to their music while packing their scattered clothing away.

  2. Offer to help. If your child's room is untidy, to the extent that you don't know where their bed is, they may feel demotivated or too overwhelmed to clean the room by themselves. Helping them clean up may result in an unplanned bonding session.

  3. Allow them to make the decision. Instead of ranting at 7.30am on a Saturday morning and yelling that their bedroom isn't clean, allow them to choose when they want to clean it. Children also perform best when they're in the mood to do the task instead of you telling them when to get involved. Speak to them about they think the best time to clean up is. If they prefer to clean on a Friday evening or Saturday afternoon, give them the final choice.

Your kids may just surprise you with how efficient they can be when they clean their bedroom on their own terms. This will also allow you less headaches and grey hairs. Remember to wipe off any countertops and door handles by pouring a drop of Domestos Bleach onto a cloth, and polishing the surfaces.