Awesome ways to use bleach that might surprise you

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If you have a bottle of thick bleach in your cupboard, then it’s imperative that you consider it a special gem because there’s more to this bottle than meets the eye. Of course you’ve been using it to clean your toilet bowl, wipe off grimy surfaces, sterilise dirty cloths, and make your clothes whiter, but there are other handy ways to use this product.

Using a bleach cleaning product in small doses can perform miracles in the most unexpected places.

There are plenty of other helpful ways to use a bottle of thick bleach and pretty soon you’ll probably see the need to buy it in bulk to benefit you and your household.

Here are a few extraordinary ways thick bleach can benefit young and old alike:

  1. Extend the life of your flowers
    If you have a fresh bunch of flowers that was gifted to you and you’re afraid it’s going to lose its petals sooner than you’d like, add thick bleach to the water. Add three drops of thick bleach and 1 teaspoon sugar to a litre of water then pop in the stems. This will not only make your flowers last longer but it will also deter bacterial growth and smell. Change the water every three days.

  2. Leave your mugs stain free
    Having the inside of mugs stained by tea and coffee can make them look dirty. Add a few drops of Domestos thick bleach to water and soak the cups for 5-10 minutes before rinsing.

  3. Get rid of ugly weeds, forever
    We all strive for an immaculate lawn but it can so easily be spoilt by weeds. To restore your garden to its pruned perfection, pour thick bleach carefully over the weeds that are growing through any cracks in your walkways and pull them out after a day or two. The thick bleach will prevent any weeds from returning. Just ensure you do not get any bleach on the rest of your grass.

  4. Make your mirrors and glass extra shiny
    Sometimes it’s impossible not to have fingerprints on our mirrors, especially with kids in the house. Get rid of fingerprints and dull glassware by adding a few drops of Domestos [link to: /] to your cleaning water and soak your glassware in it for a few minutes. Alternatively, you could soak a cloth in the solution and wipe your glassware and mirrors with it.

Thick Bleach can be conveniently used all around the house and not just as a kitchen cleaner or for cleaner toilets. Always rinse your appliances and your hands well after you’ve used bleach.