How to avoid common spring cleaning mistakes

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Spring cleaning may not be one of the most exciting things to do, but it is important to do anyway to keep your house clean and well-maintained.

You may choose to spring clean to get rid of accumulated junk, or you could be doing this as your quarterly or annual routine. Whatever your reason, spring cleaning feels like it must be done the right way.

You may find it challenging, but this could be that you have not yet developed a method that works for you. It could also mean that your tried and tested spring cleaning techniques could simply not be working for you anymore.

Here are a few spring cleaning methods you may believe but simply aren’t true:

  1. The more foam the better.
    Do not be deceived. Just because you have foamy water to dip your cloth, mop or sponge into does not mean that the surfaces will be any more spotless. Wiping a surface with water that contains too much foam can prevent fibre movement and may actually leave a sticky residue.

  2. Wearing rubber gloves protects your hands from germs.
    If you have sensitive skin, wearing rubber gloves may protect your hands from the harmful chemicals but that’s as far as it goes. Wet surfaces have a high chance of becoming infested with germs. If water enters your rubber gloves or if you sweat while wearing them, it’s highly likely that germs can multiply. Sprinkle flour or baking powder in your gloves before you use them to absorb the moisture and ensure they dry completely in the sun.

  3. Not cleaning your mattress.
    We get it, after dusting off shelves, rearranging the house and putting unwanted appliances and clothing in boxes, you just don’t have the energy to clean your mattress. After all, it doesn’t look dirty, right? You are definitely making a huge mistake if you believe this. Dust mites often breed in your mattress which causes skin, eyes and nose irritation. Sprinkle baking soda over your naked mattress or use a mild bleach diluted with water and dab or spray it on your mattress.

  4. Be careful of storing things you don’t need.
    It’s okay if you don’t want to get rid of your great-grandparents’ wedding album or festive decorations, however if you have to contemplate about whether to store an item or get rid of it, you should probably give it away. Look for items you can recycle or donate to a charity shop if you know they’re simply going to gather dust in the storeroom or garage, which is something we can so easily be guilty of.

Spring cleaning can be refreshing and gratifying especially if you’re getting help from your kids and you have a strategic plan before starting. Ensure you do not rush and skip critical areas in your home that look clean but isn’t really and use a multipurpose bleach to clean your bathroom and kitchen.