Items that should never be stored in the bathroom

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Never store this in your bathroom

Items that should never be stored in the bathroom

Many people see their bathroom as a sanctuary where they can relieve themselves from the stresses of the day or their bowels, but to some, it is viewed as just another room in which to store excess stuff.

If you have items lying around in your bathroom other than a facecloth, soap, facewash, lotion and toothpaste, then it’s time for you to do some spring cleaning – and not the type you’re familiar with!

People tend to leave almost anything in their bathroom, including electronics and often find it to be relaxing to watch a movie on their laptop while soaking in a bubble bath. This leads them to forget that a bathroom’s temperature is not consistent and can damage many of their expensive items.

You may think “it’s only a bathroom, I clean it regularly which makes it okay to store anything I want in it” but cleaning your bathroom cannot protect your items against humid conditions.

Here are a few items you should never leave in your bathroom:

  • Make-up powders and brushes. It is common practice for women to do their morning make-up routine in the bathroom. Although this is relatively normal, it is not advisable. The moisture in the air can make powder based products gloopy. Rather store all make-up products at room temperature.

  • Toothbrushes. Believe it or not but storing toothbrushes in your bathroom is an absolute no-no. If you share a bathroom with at least one other person, it is highly likely that you’ve brushed your teeth with their poop. This stems from a study conducted by the American Society for Microbiology regarding students who shared bathrooms. The study revealed more than 60 per cent of their bathroom toothbrushes tested positive for faecal matter. Covering your toothbrush will not make the problem go away as bacteria and germs tend to grow faster in a sheltered environment.

  • Razors. Storing unused razors with exposed blades in a bathroom can cause them to rust from the steam and humidity that regularly floods a bathroom, except if it’s stored in its original packaging. If you aren’t going to use them anytime soon, store them in a different room.

  • Medication. Almost every household has a ‘medicine cabinet’ and there is nothing wrong with having one in a room – unless it’s in a bathroom. Medication needs to be stored in a cool, dry area away from humidity. Storing any birth control and other pills in humid conditions, may cause them to lose their effectiveness.

  • Nail Polish. The changing temperatures in a bathroom can cause your nail polish to become gloopy. The best place to store your nail polish would be in your wardrobe or on a table beside your bed.

Make sure your items are protected by storing them in their correct places. Don’t forget to use any Domestos product for a cleaner, sparkling toilet.

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