Encouraging children to use school toilet facilities

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Encouraging children to use school toilet facilities

School toilet facilities are often the thing nightmares are made of. Bad smells, poor standards of cleanliness, inadequate supply of toilet paper and a lack of privacy are the reasons why a significant amount of school children report that they avoid using school toilets altogether.

So why is it important to encourage children to use toilet facilities at school? It is quite simple: Holding it in can result in constipation and recurrent urinary tract infections. Even when these children do use the toilet, dirty toilet seats force them to crouch instead of sit and who can blame them? The problem is that crouching prevents complete bladder emptying.  Dirty wash basins are also not encouraging our children to wash their hands afterwards.

It is interesting that there is a lot of regulation and set standards, when it comes to the cleanliness of toilet facilities in the work place, but not as many for school toilet facilities. A school might have to ensure that there are enough toilets for the number of children, but the cleanliness of these toilets is very seldom monitored.

So, what would the set standards be if the workplace and school were placed on even foot? Here are some of the work place regulations and standards for toilet facilities:

  • Toilets and hand washing facilities should be adequately ventilated and have enough light;

  • Toilets and rooms should be kept in a clean and orderly condition;

  • There should be separate toilets for men and women;

  • Toilet paper must be provided;

  • Clean hot and cold water should be provided with soap and towels or electric hand dryers;

  • Privacy must be protected.

Seeing that kids spend a significant amount of time on school premises, it is safe to say that these set standards should also apply to school toilet facilities. A wet cloth to wipe a toilet seat or a mop to mop toilet floors are simply not enough. Cleaning staff need to be equipped with strong bleach [/product] and other cleaning agents to ensure children are not exposed to harmful germs and bad smells.  Clean, odour-free and private toilet facilities will go a long way to encourage school children to use school toilet facilities when it is needed.

What can parents do?

Approach the management team or school board and insist on better standards of cleanliness, so that our children are not as reluctant to use school toilet facilities.  No more holding it in.


Children should be encouraged to use school toilet facilities to prevent constipation and bladder infection. Going to the toilet should not be a nightmarish experience and the same standards should apply for school toilets as those that apply for toilet facilities in the work place.

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