Three Top Ways in Which to Combat Flies and Mosquitoes

Washing hands image

Bugs are a real downside of the lovely summer weather. Leave the door open for a cool breeze and suddenly you’re covered in bites and insects are swarming around your house. Not our idea of fun! While these bugs and flies are a reality of summer in South Africa, a few home cleaning tips and tricks can help keep them to a minimum. Here are some ways to keep your house a no-go zone for flies and mosquitoes, so you can enjoy the summer weather without consequence. 

 Dispose of food regularly

Flies like to buzz around food that’s left out. Our top cleaning advice for keeping flies in particular at bay is to clean up after yourself diligently. If you cook and don’t wash up chopping boards immediately, the flies will appear quite quickly. The same will happen if the dishes don’t get washed or put into the dishwasher as soon as the meal is finished. When serving up food, either put any leftovers into the fridge straight away, or cover the pots and pans with a clean dishcloth to stop flies getting into your food.

It’s also particularly important to take your rubbish out more regularly than you would in winter. Some of the worst food items for attracting flies are fruit and old meat, especially if they’ve been sitting in a warm rubbish bin for a day or two. Taking the rubbish out before it gets too old can help to keep the flies outside, where you want them!

 Sanitise kitchen surfaces

Remember that even if you wash boards and dishes, there are still juices from cooking and chopping left on your counter tops. For both insect prevention and germ protection, it’s important to wipe down your kitchen counters with a mild bleach solution after using them. Also remember to bleach and wash your bin at least once a week to ensure that there are no stray food particles lingering on the edges or rims of your bin.

 Ditch the house plants

Potted plants look nice, but they are a serious attraction for mosquitoes. Mosquitoes love any areas with standing water, so your nicely maintained and watered indoor plants can serve as a good breeding ground for the little critters. If you have an infestation of mosquitoes, try putting your plants outside and seeing what happens.

 Check your drains

As is the case with the potted plants above, mosquitoes love wet areas of any kind. Where’s the wettest part of your house? Your bathroom, of course. If your drains are at all blocked, or you suffer from damp in your bathroom, you may be more prone to mosquitoes. Try to combat this by installing an extractor fan for use when you shower or bath, and by using a good bleach to get rid of any grime build up in your drains from the shower, sink and bath. Now is a good time to clean down your bathroom anyway, as a clean house means less flies all around.