Festive Season Cleaning Tips: How to Minimise the Workload

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During the festive season, you want to enjoy all the time spent with family, friends and guests. Dinner parties, overnight visits and family get-togethers are all a wonderful part of the festive season spirit, but if you don’t keep on top of things you can quickly find yourself swamped in a pile of housework. Those dishes aren’t going to wash themselves! Luckily our tips for festive home cleaning will make it feel like they did. Here’s how to maximise your time off over the Christmas period, and minimise your time spent cleaning up.

Before things get started

Before the festive season gets into full swing, try to give your house a thorough clean. This means a good mop and vacuuming session, as well as a deep clean of the bathrooms – particularly the shower and toilet. Don the rubber gloves and hazard suit, grab your trusty Domestos thick bleach and take no prisoners! Let the surfaces you bleach sit for half an hour or so before cleaning off to ensure everything is sparkly clean.

If you have pets, don’t be tempted to skip the vacuuming step. We love them, but man’s best friend has been known to leave dog hairs all over the couches and rugs, so your guests might find themselves with mysteriously coloured hair all over their clothes. Good pet hygiene is important for a clean home, so remember to regularly bath and groom your pets and to keep their feeding area clean, sanitised and away from your own food preparation area. 

Minimising cleaning during the festive season itself

Try to keep mostly on top of things by cleaning as you go. It doesn’t have to be days of scrubbing, but maintaining good household hygiene throughout keeps the dirt at bay and makes the final clean up that much easier. Ensure that all your guests know where the bin is and ask them to stack dishes in the sink or on the counter top after scraping. 

Load dishes into the dishwasher or hand wash them diligently every day – have the dishwasher empty or a new sink of water ready before dinner so that you’re not tempted to leave it until the next morning. This way, you always start the day with a clean kitchen.

Give the showers and sinks a quick scrub as you use them – simply spray shower cleaner on the doors while you’re washing your hair, and rinse it off before you step out. Do the same as you brush your teeth.

One of our most valuable tips is to remove rugs from lounges and living areas if possible, as they attract the dirt and you are almost guaranteed to have somebody spill something or get mud on them – it is far easier to clean a tiled or wooden floor than a rug.

Keeping up appearances when the guests arrive

Whether you’re having a party for just one evening or family are visiting for a week, there are a few basic tricks you can use to keep the house looking clean and satisfy even the pickiest of guests. 
• Use fresh matching towels in the bathrooms
• Buy a nice soap dispenser instead of using the plastic bottle it comes on – this makes your bathroom look very neat and pulled together
• Have one box or drawer where miscellaneous ‘clutter’ is kept, and keep it in your room or out of view of guests. Just don’t allow it to become a huge storage space for anything and everything!

When everyone has left

Ask any guests who stayed over if they wouldn’t mind stripping the linen and leaving it on the floor for you, along with their towels. Make a load of laundry your first task. You can cut down on this by making sure that all your guests have similar coloured towels and sheets, so you don’t need to wash them one by one. As the first load of laundry is going, take down your decorations and make sure to store them properly for next year.

One thing to avoid is cleaning the house room by room. Instead, clean process by process. So if you’re going to vacuum, then get the vacuum and do every room at once. The same applies for mopping, sweeping or bleaching. It’s much quicker as you’re not constantly taking out appliances and putting them away, and it helps you to focus on getting one big job done – doesn’t it feel better knowing that the entire house has been vacuumed than knowing that only a single bedroom has been vacuumed and mopped?

Festive Season Cleaning Tips