Top Tips for Quick but Efficient Household Cleaning

Washing hands image

Cleaning – probably the least favourite part of every homeowner’s job. You have so much that you want and need to do and cleaning just takes so long when you could be doing other things. Luckily, there are some ways to make sure you still get all the home cleaning jobs done well, while saving yourself some valuable time in the process. Here are our cleaning tips to minimise your time and effort, and maximise your returns!

Dishes get done straightaway

If you have a dishwasher it can be a massive time saver, but only if it’s actually empty. So, make sure that you unload the dishwasher at least once a day, and have it empty when you start cooking dinner. That way, all the pots and pans can go straight in there, and everyone can take their plates to the dishwasher after eating. If they pile up in the sink first, it feels like a much harder job to start, so they stay in the sink and clutter everything up.

If you don’t have a dishwasher, then keep the same principle but fill a sink with hot water so you can wash pans as you cook, and everyone can put their dishes in the sink after dinner. Not only is it easier to get cracking with this way, but there’s less chance of tough stains developing from the food sitting and hardening on dishes overnight.

The next morning, dishes will be clean and dry and you can put them away before breakfast.

Clean the shower as you clean yourself

You don’t have to do a full on cleaning routine, but keep a bottle of shower cleaner and a clean rag in the shower (wash the rag each week). As you shower, give the doors and handles a quick spray and wipe, then let the water rinse it away as you shower. You can spray the floor quickly just before you get out and let the taps run for a few seconds as you dry too.

Declutter with new seasons

One of the best pieces of cleaning advice is that if there’s less stuff, there’s less to clean. After all, if all your free space is taken up by clutter, clothes, toys and similar, it’s going to be hard to keep the house neat and clean. When the seasons change, have a decluttering day. You don’t even have to do the same thing each time. Perhaps have each family member sort out clothes come winter and donate any that you haven’t worn in a year or don’t like anymore. In spring you can sort out kids’ toys, books and odds and ends, and the remaining two seasons you dedicate to decluttering a specific room such as the study or family room.

Do a quick toilet clean every couple of days

Keep a bottle of bleach in the bathroom (out of reach of children!). Every few days, throw a cup of bleach in the toilet and quickly use the brush to swish it beneath the rim and on to the sides. Do this in the morning before you shower, then hop into the shower, finish your morning routine and flush the toilet. The bleach will have had time to sit and work its magic, and you won’t feel gross from the cleaning duties!